Wyncrest Farms - Mindy Gibson
Wyncrest Farms - Mindy Gibson
Wyncrest Farms - Mindy Gibson


Our southdown program has been based on a slow growing process.  We have strong ewe base with some Snowwhite daughters that are very consistant producers. And are currently using 2 Fielder rams Fielder 500 and Fielder 668 Santana, and then a Sooner ram which
was the sire of the reserve Champion ewe at the Ohio Southdown Sale this year for the Repasky family.  He has been a very consistant producer for the Splendorview flock. Our newest addition is Hopkins 0912 and we are very anxious to see his lambs.

We are building big Southdowns with length of body and breed type. We have made a lot of strides in our breeding program and think you will be impressed with our brood matrons. Scroll down to see our current stud ramas and ewes

Give us a call for your next show lamb or stud prospect.



Southdown Rams


Willwerth 387-1 Willwerth 387-1
January buck lamb
Sire: KDK 1513
Dam: Willwerth 677
We are very excited to have added this great buck lamb to
our stud buck line up! Watch for his lambs in fall 2018!



Forsee R16-122

Forsee R16-122
"Southern Pride"
Birthdate: 2-12-16
Sire: Forsee R145-174 "Eclipse"
Dam: Forsee E12-250
We are very excited to have added this young buck lamb to our program! Watch for his lambs next spring! He will be a great building block for us !
We are super excited to see what this buck lamb will do in our program!

4th Place February Ram Lamb
2016 N.A.I.L.E.




Forsee R16-205

Forsee R16-205
"Chili Powder"
Birthdate: 3-3-16
Sire: Forsee R15--099ET
Dam: Junge 1404

This young buck held his own in Louisville, he was 6th place March
buck lamb. And we are very excited to see his lambs this spring.

Reserve Champion Ram
2016 Missouri State Fair
6th Place March Ram Lamb
2016 N.A.I.L.E.

16205 16205



Reference Sires
Long Haul

NSLS 12277 RRNN EDF " Long Haul"
Sire: NSLS 10203
Dam: "Mother Hen"
We are very excited to have added
a newstud buck to our line up this year!
Watch for his lambs this fall!
Please call us for more information on his lambs.



Wyncrest Farms Wyncrest Farms Wyncrest Farms
Wyncrest Farm Wyncrest Farm Wyncrest Farm
Wyncrest Farms Long Haul



Wyncrest Farms
MB Genetics 1-7E2 RRNN "Granite"
Birthdate: 2/6/11
Sire: NSLS 9108 "Keystone"
Dam: MB Genetics 7-E-2
Won the February buck lamb class at Louisville in 2011




Granite & Gibson 11005




Gibson 11005
Gibson 11005 RRNN
Birthdate 1/3/11
Sire: Hopkins 0912
Dam: Gibson 6023

Champion Ram - Missouri and Kansas State Fairs
Gibson 11005
Gibson 11005
Gibson 11005






"Heat Wave" Hopkins 0912 RR
"Heat Wave" Hopkins 0912 RR 
Birthdate 1/25/09
Sire : Splendorview 0741
Dam: Hopkins 0458

We are very excited about this new stud buck addition.  He is very complete and typey. His first lambs have arrived and they are as we had hoped. Great tops and tremendous lambs.  We will be looking forward to using "Heat" for some of our fall lambing girls.






Wyncrest Farms
Sooner 1703 QR

He is out of a Barker ewe. This great stud buck has proven himself in the Splendorview flock and produced numerous Champions for them. Last year he produced the Champion Ewe at Ohio Showcase Sale for the Repasky family. His first lambs are here and they are impressive.  Keep watch for them at the spring sales.






Wyncrest Farms
"Santana" Fielder 668 RR
Birthdate 9/20/06
Sire:   Fielder 604
Dam:  Fielder 552

Santana is proving himself well.  He sired the Reserve Champion Ewe at Illinois a fall ewe lamb.   And her twin sister wass 2nd in class at the National Sale.  He is an extremely long sided buck, with exceptional breed character. If you want wool he has it everywhere as  a southdown should.

Southdown Ewes

Southdown Ewes
Southdown Southdowns Ewes
Forsee 17-190
March Ewe Lamb
Sire: Big Time
Dam: Miller E14-210
We are super excited to add this powerful young female into our flock.



Forsee E17-185 Forsee E17-185
Forsee E17-185
March Ewe Lamb
Sire: War Admiral
Dam: Forsee E15-236
We are also very pleased to have added this ewe lamb to our flock this year.
Watch for these little lady's in Louisville, and next year as Yearling ewes!



Southdown Ewes Ewes
Southdown Ewes Southdown Ewes
Reid 17-38
March Ewe Lamb
Sire: "Chili Powder"
Dam: NSLS 14156



Ewes Ewes
Ewes Ewes Ewes
Forsee E16-227
Birthdate: 3-6-16
Sire: Forsee R14-174 "Eclipse"
Dam: Forsee E14-217
We are very pleased to add this really neat ewe lamb to our ewe program!
Champion Ewe
2017 Kansas State Fair



Ewes Ewes
Reid 15-11
Sire: MB Genetics 1-7E2 "Granite"
Dam: Leininger 1256
1st place Early Ewe Lamb 2015 Nebraska State Fair
Member of the 1st Place Pair of Ewe Lambs - 2015 Nebraska State Fair



Bliss Bliss
Ewes Ewes
Ewes Ewes
Forsee E15-192

Birthdate 3-4-15
Sire: Forsee R13-255 "June Buck"
Dam: Forsee E 13-262
Champion Ewe
2016 Kansas State Fair
5th Place Yearling Ewe
2016 N.A.I.L.E
We are extremely excited to see what she will do as she now moves to the lambing barn.



Ewes Ewes
A&M 5-190
Birthdate: 2-2-15
Sire: A&M 2T153 Reckless
Dam: A&M 3TR 144
We are very pleased to add this ewe lamb to our program



Wyncrest Southdowns
Wyncrest Southdowns Wyncrest Southdowns
Circle J 4-MA2
Birthdate: 1-21-14
Sire: Circle J 2FO1A "Iron Man"
Dam: Circle J 11-MA
This ewe lamb has been an excellent addition to our flock.
Looking forward to this gal in the lambing barn now.



Wyncrest Southdowns
Wyncrest Southdowns

1st Place Late February Ewe Lamb
Birthdate: 2-16-14
Sire: NSLS 12284-ET "Legacy"
Dam: NSLS 11142
This is a super neat ewe lamb that we
have added to our flock
along with her flush sister!
Watch for them in the future!!

Pair of Fall Ewe Lambs
MB Genetics 13F-1KE and MB Genetics 13F-792
Building the future on these genetics!



Wyncrest Southdowns
Wyncrest Farms
Fall Ewe Lamb
MB Genetic 13F-792
Birthdate: 9-27-13
Sire: MB Genetics 1-80 "Impression"
Dam: MB Genetics 7F-92
A welcome addition to our flock!
She is very nice and will be very productive in the lambing barn!

Reid 13-075
Sire: Granite
Dam: Gibson 8137
This fall ewe lamb is the full sister to Reid 12-075,
and following in her sisters footsteps.
What great females they are.




Scramlin 1263

Reid 13-014 RR
Late Spring Ewe Lamb
Sire: Granite
Dam: Reid 11092
An example of our Granite lambs




Ewes Ewes
Circle J
Circle J 4-MA2
Sire: Circle J 2FO1A "Iron Man"
Dam: Circle J 11-MA
January ewe lamb We have added a few select females
this year to the flock and are very excited to see the results.
Check her out.




Wyncrest Ewes
Wyncrest Southdowns
Wyncrest Southdowns
MB Genetics 13-1KE RRNN EDF
Birthdate: 10-1-13
Sire: MB Genetics 1-680 "Impression"
Dam: MB Genetics 1-95KE
This ewe has been very consistant all summer
and well liked she will be even better in the lambing barn!

Champion Ewe 2015 Missouri State Fair
Reserve Champion Ewe 2015 Nebraska State Fair
1st pair Yearling Ewes 2015 Nebraska State Fair



Scramlin 1263
Scramlin 1263

Scramlin 1263
March Ewe Lamb
Scramlin 1263 is a great addition to our flock.  She has done well this summer and we are looking forward to her influence to our flock in the future. Yearling ewe who was 1st in class at Missouri, Nebraska, and Kansas. We will be welcoming her into our brood ewe flock this year.




Wyncrest Farms Wyncrest Farms
Reid 12-075
Fall Ewe Lamb
Sire: Granite
Dam: Gibson 8137
She was undefeated this year.
She was Reserve Champion ewe at
Missouri, Champion ewe at Nebraska, and Champion ewe Kansas.
She is going on to be quite a successful yearling ewe in the ring also!
Wyncrest Farms

Barker 581
Barker 581 is a welcome addition to our flock.  We have really like the Barker line and respect their years of breeding.  This ewe does not disappoint you.  She has been a member of 1st place yearling pair of yearling ewes at Nebraska , Kansas, and 1st place flock  Missouri and Kansas. We are really looking forward to her in the lambing barn.




Wyncrest Farms
J. Leininger 1182
J. Leininger 1182
Wyncrest Farms
Leininger 1182

J. Leininger 1182 RR
Birthdate 2/17/11
Sire: B&B Howard 9051-09
Dam: J. Leininger 7013
1st Late February Ewe Lamb - Louisville 2011
What an impressive yearling she has grown to be - she has not disappointed anyone.

This gal has been Champion Ewe at Nebraska and Kansas, she was Reserve Champion Ewe at Missouri.  She has been a member of 1st place pair of yrlg ewes at all 3 fairs and 1st place flock at Missouri and Kansas.  Watch for her at Louisville. She will make an impact on our program in the future.




Pleasant Springs 6234
Pleasant Springs 6234
Pleasant Springs 6234 RR
Birthdate 2/2/10
Sire: Pleasant Springs 6121
Dam: Pleasant Springs 5153
We are very pleased to add this ET ewe to our flock.  She was 1st place yearling ewe class 2 at Mo State Fair.
Also a member of our 1st place flock at MO, Kansas , and Nebraska.




Gibson 9115
Gibson 9115
Gibson 9115 QRNN
Birthdate 10/1/09
Sire: Fielder 668 "Santana"
Dam: Gibson 6024
This ewe was 3rd in Louisville (2011) as a yearling ewe and 3rd at Louisville (2010) as a fall ewe lamb.
She was Champion ewe at Nebraska and Kansas State Fairs. 1st place pair yearling ewes and 1st flock.




Wyncrest Farms - Gibson 4010

Gibson 4010
Gibson 4010 has proven herself every year. She was very impressive as a lamb placing winning her class as a ewe lamb. And then she came back as a very powerful yearling ewe and proved herself again. She has a very square hip in her and is a big girl.




Wyncrest Farms - Stadeli 3009
Wyncrest Farms - Barker 401 & Gibson 4010

Stadeli 3009
Stadeli 3009 is as pretty as her picture, and what a wonderful producer. She has earned her place in the lambing barn with no questions! Her daughters are as pretty as she is. Her stud bucks are long and good.

Barker 401 and Gibson 4010 are a tremendous pair.  To this day they are very impressive ewes and have proven themselves as great ewes.

Wyncrest Farms - Mindy Gibson
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